Friday, April 1, 2011

"Debbie Meyer GreenBags" Review

So this week I tried out the Debbie Meyer Greenbags that I purchased at Whole Foods Market ($9.99 for 20 multi-use bags).  Upon looking at my fruit and veggies that I stored all week in the bags, I am delighted to report that the bags helped keep the fruit/veggies fresher than they usually would have stayed.  I normally just store my fruit and veggies in the produce bags provided by the store.  After 5-6 days, my bananas would be too ripe, my tomatoes would have gone bad, and my lettuce would be wilted.  I have attached a photo of my still fresh fruit/veggies.  I will definitely wash my bags as directed and keep using them!  You can use each bag up to 10 times, so I definitely think the bags are a purchase worth making.

Fresh fruit/veggies after 5-6 days of storage

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