Monday, January 24, 2011

"Go to" Bun-less Burger

For lunch today I needed something quick and easy because I was short on time, but it also had to be high on protein and made from what I already had in my fridge. I decided on a bun-less turkey burger over a bed of romaine with stoneground mustard. It's one of my 'go to' meals because it only takes about 10 minutes to cook, can be made with any lean ground meat, and is served over lettuce (which I always keep fresh in the fridge). I cook the meat patty in water to minimize fat and prevent the patty from drying out. Many times I get more creative and add grilled onions, tomato and avocado, but I chose to keep this one simple. At under 200 calories and 24 grams of protein, this low fat meal really satisfies and keeps me full all afternoon!

All you need:
-4 oz Lean Ground Turkey Breast
-Chopped Romaine Lettuce
-Stoneground mustard
*Seasoning for turkey (I used freeze dried salad herbs)
*Fresh ground pepper for salad greens

1. Heat frying pan filled with small layer of water (1/4'') over medium-high heat, until water boils.
2. Form ground meat into patty with preferred seasonings and place in boiling water.
3. Cook burger patty, turning occasionally, until the meat is fully cooked. *this varies greatly depending on meat, cookware and cooktop.
4. While burger cooks, chop romaine lettuce and arrange on plate. Top with fresh ground pepper, if desired.

5. Place cooked burger on top of bed of lettuce and serve with stoneground mustard, or favorite (healthy) dressing.

Feel free to comment and let me know how you like to 'dress up' your bun-less burgers.

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