Friday, February 18, 2011

Herb Box

Today I had a wonderful solo lunch at the Herb Box in Scottsdale. I ate outside on the patio of their lower level cafe/grocery, which offers convenience yet the same high quality food as their full service restaurant. I ordered the Turkey Avocado Wrap sans cheese and substituted hummus for the cream cheese that typically holds the wrap together. I love that their lunch wraps and sandwiches are served with house-made sweet potato chips, they are amazing! I cut the wrap in half and portioned out half the chips (I brought the rest home, probably going to eat it for my 3:30 meal before the gym). I try to eat small consistent meals throughout the day, never going more than 3 1/2 hours without eating at least a small snack (like 100 calories of raw almonds).

Portioned out for now and later (always do this before you start eating)
The service at the Herb Box was amazing!  The staff was friendly, helpful and even remembered my name every time I went in to ask them for more water, napkins, and even tape to rewrap my sandwich! I will definitely be bringing my girlfriends, husband and family back to the Herb Box to eat :)

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